Alpine Car Audio Systems – A Brief Overview

Get yourself grooving to your favorite tunes even in the car. Stay tuned to music 24/7. With the latest Alpine car audio systems, you can spice up those monotonous long drives.

A standard Alpine car audio system (Like any other car audio system) includes various components like amplifiers, subwoofers, head units, CD changers, crossovers and remotes.

I will talk about a few of them here. I hope this will help you make a more informed choice. That is, decide if an Alpine car audio system is the best for you.

Let’s roll…

Alpine Amplifiers

Amplifiers basically amplify or boost an audio signal. There are mono, 2-channel and multi-channel amplifiers. Let’s use the Alpine MRP-M650 for our case study…

It is a 400W mono subwoofer amplifier. It has the following features:

o It has a frequency response range of 20Hz-200Hz.

o It comes with gold plated screw terminals.

o It has built-in crossovers and a variable low-pass filter.

Alpine amplifiers are highly recommended for their high sound quality and value for money. This particular product has received amazing reviews from users. It is priced at approximately $200.

Alpine CD players/Head units

The Alpine CDE-9846 is a CD player with a built-in amplifier. It has the following features…

o It provides a maximum power of 45 watts.

o It has CD text. This means that the receiver can display song and disc title information.

o It comes with a detachable face and source tone memory.

On the flip side, this product does not come with remote controls. It also does not have CD changer controls and is not compatible with satellite radios. Nevertheless, it has received excellent ratings — So it’s worth giving it a look. It is available for around $140.


The Alpine SPS-13C2 is a two-way 175W car speaker with the following specifications:

o The woofer has an Aluminum coated polypropylene cone.

o It has an RMS power range of 35 Watts. RMS stands for Root Mean Square, which is an accurate means of measuring and comparing the power of a speaker.

Car speakers are usually priced in pairs. These speakers are available for approximately $50.

There are other accessories like the subwoofers, crossovers, overhead monitors, headphones and CD changers that make an audio system complete. Go ahead, buy an Alpine car audio system. Your car deserves nothing but the best.

Source by Chimezirim Chinecherem Odimba