An MP3 Player Can Be Your Best Friend While Snowboarding

Music, who would have thought that just some simple notes for instruments and creative lyrics could help to alter people’s mind sets or mood. Music has been in existence since the beginning of time and continually gets better and more definitive for every generation. Singers and songwriters can use it to help tell stories or help to set a certain tone for example in movies. As the audience, we respond differently depending on the genre of music we listen to or the atmosphere being listened in. Using your mp3 player while snowboarding is no different. It can help you relax so you can perform tricks easier or just help you concentrate in the competition you are about to compete in.

If you do not agree with this, just look how many professional athletes carry their portable music devices everywhere they go whether training or on a long flight or bus ride. Next time you walk down the street, notice how many people are listening the their “playlists” whether on their Ipod of from their cell phone. Music is everywhere, so why not use it while snowboarding to help calm you while carving the pipe or shredding the powder in the trees?

Everyone’s taste in music is personally their own. I suggest the night before you go riding, load your mp3 player with various genres of music and see what your mind and body respond to the best while on the mountain. Different things help different people, so just because your friends are listening to hard rock doesn’t mean that you can’t listen to classical for example. This is why music players have ear phones, so they are personal listening experiences. I can almost guarantee that once you try snowboarding with music, you will never leave your player behind again.

However, as with many electronic devices, the batteries are sensitive to extreme temperature changes. Make sure your unit is fully charged before you go out, and try to keep it in the warmest area of your clothing. This will help ensure longer battery life, but also protect the player if you happen to wipe out. Many newer snowboarding jackets have built in pockets specifically designed for mp3 players. These pockets are easily accessible whether you have your gloves on or not, and the majority have head phone cord holders to keep your cord out of the way.

Source by Timothy MacAlistaire