Best Multi-Room Music System

Multi room music systems are now a feature in many households. Technology has made it possible to have numerous different songs playing simultaneously in different rooms of your house. With one of these systems, the musical tastes of the whole family are catered for. You can have your children listening to the songs of the latest pop icon in their bedrooms, your partner listening to a bit of jazz in the kitchen and yourself enjoying some classic rock and roll in the lounge. Multi room music systems are a far cry from the old record players and stack systems of days gone by. They are at the cutting edge of technology and getting better and better at time progresses.

Multi-room systems are absolutely fantastic for entertaining. If you are throwing a party then you can split your house into different zones where people can go to enjoy the particular type of music that they love and not have to put up with a style they hate all night. They are also great if you are carrying out certain tasks and chores that cover the whole of your house. This may be cleaning or DIY. You can synchronise your system to play the same song all over the house so that you can listen to it as you work from room to room.

One make that really stands out is Sonos. You can buy controllers, zone players and all in one speaker systems from them. They specialise is making wireless home music systems and focus all their attention on making them to highest possible standards. A Sonos system would more than meet all of your home entertainment needs. As the systems are wireless they connect up to your router, giving you access to all of the songs on your PC, MAC, iPod and various internet platforms such as iTunes and Spotifiy. Sonos systems also allow you access to thousands of on-line radio stations.

Sonos are at the forefront at wireless music technology and have even created their own wireless mesh network called SonosNet. SonosNet increases the range covered by a home wireless network in order to allow you to move your zone players even further afield without interference. Their systems are stylish, easy to set up, competitively priced and very user friendly. They have won a number of awards for their systems such as an Audio Innovation Award for 2011, Plus X Multi-room music system of the year 2010 and best network component of the year 2010 from Digital Movie.

Source by Nick Pateman