Coby CX-CD377 Micro CD Stereo System: A Definitive Review

I love music, and I have a great set of a home entertainment system in my living room. I especially included the Coby CX-CD377 Micro CD Stereo System to my set because it’s got a lot of features that I really want in a stereo, and to expound on that matter, why don’t we check it out more?


Is there anything more stylish than a black stereo system with separate speakers and a cool micro CD dock? I believe not. The vertical CD loading design of this stereo set is just awesome, and you’d have to be a fool not to love it. It has a nice black finish and the stereo speakers are simple yet easy to settle. You can place this set on any tabletop, on your TV rack, on any desk, and even on the floor. You can also set the speakers a little farther from each other to make the sound spread even more and cover the entire room if you wish.

It’s not as bulky as other components and stereo systems. It has the dimensions of 19” x 7.8” x 3”, and its thin disc dock makes it easier to settle on any location. However, it’s not advisable to bring around because of its weight, as well as the hassle of setting up all the cables every time you plug it out and put it in a different place.


The backlit LCD display is small but is functional enough to show which track number of the CD is playing or what station you’re tuned into. It’s simple and useful enough but it’s tiny so you have to go closer to the device if you want to see what you’re working on.


The stereo speakers of this set are fine and decent for their size. The output power is 10W + 10W, and excellent competitor for other stereo systems its size. You can even set the speakers apart to spread the sound better in the room. The full range speaker system makes listening to music and getting down with the beat just awesome. You can have a good time during parties, bring the house down, and put the roof on fire with this baby. But there are some reports about the poor sound quality of this device. I guess it depends on when, where, and how you bought it and used it. I take good care of all my stuff and all of them are working perfectly fine.

Its CD player can play almost any format of CD and DVD, and its Dynamic Bass Boost System or DBBS makes the sound resonate more, making things pound and your ears vibrate. Listening to music has never been so lifelike. I like listening to rock music on this device because it makes the sounds more vivid and real, like I’m in a concert or something.

The radio has some issues regarding its fidelity, and I must say some places have better reception than others. I don’t use the radio often, I just play my favorite CD collection on this stereo system. The few times that I did use the radio, I didn’t like it at all because for a techie, digital, remote controlled device, an analog tuner would be the silliest feature it could have. And mind you, turning that tuner up and down made me frustrated and that’s when I realized, the radio of the Coby CX-CD377 Micro CD Stereo System is definitely not for me.

Other Features

The CD playing is really the device’s expertise, as it has the complete function of CR playback modes which include program play, random play or shuffle, all tracks repeat, and one track repeat. It also has an AUX input if you want to use other music playing devices like MP3 players on this stereo system. It’s easy enough to use because it has a remote control for navigating the device, but the radio can’t be operated through remote control and you have to stand up and manually turn the tuner to get a station. (How exactly does an analog-tuned radio get a digital read-out?)


I love the Coby CX-CD377 Micro CD Stereo System if you talk about CD playing stereo sound systems, but for a radio it completely loses the contest to many other radio sets and even radio alarm clocks in the market. Nevertheless, since this is a CD player and its stereo is for that purpose, I rate the Coby CX-CD377 a 7 out of 10. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who wants the radio feature more, but for those who want a slick CD player stereo, I would give a two thumbs-up go signal for you to get this.

Source by Jacob Akshire