Getting the Best Surround Sound System by Using Yaqin Tube Amplifiers

The idea behind the superior sounding system is to have a higher quality of tube amplifiers.

Why use Tube Amplifiers?

Tube amplifiers basically provide the best sounding technology. They have a very simple circuit system and a working mechanism. For this reason it is very easy to handle them. They provide good signal strength without any deviation and distortion in the circuits. In particular configurations, tubes are more tolerant to circuit drifts and variations.

About the Product

There are various models available in the tube amplifier category. Different models have different specifications and features. The number of the tube amplifiers reaches 43. Yaqin Electronics is the oldest company that produces Hi-Fi tube amplifiers, vacuum tube CDs, Preamplifiers and power supply filtering outputs. They mainly merchandize their products to the countries like Japan, China, Canada, Germany, United States and many other Europan countries. They have a very huge demand for their products which come with the national 3C and European CE certifications.


Different models of amplifiers have different specifications. For instance, the transformers are made of special alloy. It has a simple circuit that protects from overloading and distortion. Vacuum tubes on the other hand are more gentle and provide a nice sound. They are more linear so that the users have less negative feedbacks about them. Most music features provide high standards for signal swings. It is also well recognized that the overloading begins with the higher power while distortion increase is primarily small in a harmonic uniform way. They also have a capacity to work on high voltages which leads to higher sound storage energy.

All the products come with one year of warranty. They deliver original product to all over the world. The standard specification and features of the Yaqin tube amplifier are as follows.

Model Number: MUIA983150.

Product Weight: 30 kg including shipping.

Power Tube: Many variants available from Cossor valve to Shuguang WEKT88 plus.

Price: Price varies according to the variants.

Voltage: Available from 110V to 240V.

The package includes set tubes, an amplifier, an operating manual and a standard 1.5m power. There are other variants which provide different sets of components in the package. The product is made of special audio enthusiast electrolytic capacitor, cross linked capacitive and high quality metallic resistance body.

Enjoy your music and home theatre experience with amplifiers provided by China Hi-Fi audio. Go and grab yourself a Yaqin tube amplifier. The customers of China Hi-Fi-are 100% satisfied with their products and the service provided. They don’t charge for shipping and they take care of everything till the product reaches you. The site also offers many customer reward programs where they provide gifts or allows the use of points collected as a result of the product purchase. You can check them out.

Source by Arthur Huang