Music Legends Who Have Appeared On Late Night With Jools Holland

As soon as he ceased being member, the band he co-founded went on to have its first big hit. While most artists would consider this sequence quite disheartening, Jools Holland instead became even more famous than his old group.

Holland left Squeeze after their third album, only to see its next record spawn the huge single “Tempted” sung by his replacement Paul Carrack. Not long after that, however, Holland created his own TV series with musical guests from nearly every genre.

In fact, “Late Night With Jools Holland” has even featured several appearances by Squeeze over the years. Holland seemed delighted to be playing with his former band, and there are many other well-known artists who have performed on the show.

Perhaps the two almost as close to Holland are Elvis Costello and John Cale, both of whom served as producers on Squeeze albums. Costello oversaw the recording of East Side Story while Cale produced the debut record U.K. Squeeze, and both men have since made numerous appearances on Holland’s show.

Two other performers with close associations to Holland are Graham Parker and Nick Lowe, who have also been featured several times on the series. Here are eighteen other notable acts to perform on Late Night With Jools Holland.


Like the host, Moz co-founded an alternative British band (the Smiths) only to enjoy a much longer career as a solo act.


The 2014 Grammy winner performed several times on the series before Morning Phase brought home the award for Album of the Year.


Jeff Tweedy’s band has made regular appearances, including one in which they were joined by Nick Lowe.

Alice Cooper

Hard rock has been represented on the show, most notably this veteran shock rocker.

The Strokes

Although they performed two different selections for the show. I always thought they should have done “Last Nite” in honor of Late Night.

Kaiser Chiefs

These guys seem to be near regulars on the series, which is not surprising given their huge following in their native United Kingdom.


This quartet appeared on a special episode called Cool Brittania, featuring some of that country’s biggest acts from the Nineties.


The biggest rivalry to the group listed above, this outfit fronted by the Gallagher brothers was placed in the same episode as Blur.

Lou Reed

One of the last TV appearances he made before his death in 2013 was on Late Night With Jools Holland.


Mark Oliver Everett is the sole member of Eels, but he did manage to put a band together for the selections performed for Holland.

Warren Zevon

The Excitable Boy singer played on Series 8, which aired not long before he succumbed to cancer.


Probably the oldest performer on the show, fans were certainly thrilled to hear the guy who once was deemed the British Bob Dylan.

Ben Folds Five

Holland, an accomplished piano player, must have been delighted to have Folds and his band on the stage.

Aztec Camera

Roddy Frame was a contemporary of Squeeze and Costello, so his band felt right at home with their host.

The Jayhawks

This quintet, fronted by Greg Louris, represented the alt-country genre.

Teenage Fan Club

If you closed your eyes while these guys were playing on the show, you would likely have thought you were hearing the Moody Blues.

John Prine

Holland no doubt felt honored when this legendary and hugely influential songwriter joined the show.

Loudon Wainwright

His kids Martha and Rufus both made numerous appearances, so it is appropriate that their old man pop up on there, too.

Source by Doug Poe