Musical Instruments – How the Piano and Keyboard Compare and Contrast

So you are looking to buy a piano or keyboard so your kid can take lessons … You may have looked up several shopping sites and you are confused between the difference of a keyboard vs. a piano. Well, lets start at the bottom line, a key board is generally much cheaper than acoustic pianos. High quality keyboards can be bought for around 3-4 hundred dollars while there are decent keyboards out there for 60 dollars or so. However, the cheaper you get, the quality of the keyboard decreases drastically. Some drawbacks to keyboards include, bad action (the touch of the keyboard, or how much pressure it takes to play the key), really cheap synthesized keyboard sounds that just sound ugly, and not all keyboards have 88 keys like a real piano would. However, a neat feature of many new keyboards today is the capability to record what you are performing and play it back at a later time, this enables the performer to critique his / her playing and move towards improvement.

A real acoustic piano is a necessity for any aspiring pianists. But most of the time, this is not the case. Acoustic pianos are much more expensive than keyboards, with base prices around 2 thousand dollars. A piano is a nice addition to any family room or den, but it is a killer to transport, if you end up moving. A piano has a beautiful sonorous tone with a real action, or touch. It is something the family can gather around on holidays and remember as a part of their childhood. It is recommended that if the price of an acoustic piano is not a problem, then you should definitely consider making the investment.

Source by Garrett Law