Nokia 6110 Navigator – Multimedia Device

The Nokia 6110 Navigator is getting good reviews for its GPS facility and the Route 66 software. But there is also another thing hat you should know of this phone – Multimedia. This phone is a great music player; in fact many regard it as a smartphone. The phone uses 3rd Edition FP1 version of S60 and thus compatible with all the software’s of S60 3rd edition.

The music player in the Nokia 6110 Navigator is up to the standards of S60 and also free of the defect of between track crackling that most of the S60 standard phones had. But it still has that one second pause when it changes tracks and thus not allowing you to have a gapless playback. The phone uses micro SD memory cards and has a storage capacity of more than 2 gigabytes. That means that you can store more than 1000 songs. You also get free headphones with this phone.

The Nokia 6110 navigator runs with A2DP Bluetooth stereo headphones. It also includes AVRCP compatibility and thus allows you to control video and music playback on Bluetooth headphones equipped with in-built controls like BH-500.

The Nokia 6110 Navigator has external stereo speakers. But strangely enough they are placed right next to each other and that too at the back of the phone. So when you are holding the phone the sound gets minimized. But the good news here is that sound of the speakers are perfectly alright – loud and clear. In fact you can very clearly hear direction instructions on the phone in Satellite nav mode.

Nokia 6110 Navigator has a video player and an in built FM radio tuner. The radio automatically catches the FM stations available in your locality. The video player in this model is very good allowing you to watch MP4 files in 240×320 full screen modes. You get free Nokia Video manager software with the phone with the help of which you can convert video files to MP4 formats and than transfer the files to your phone using a Bluetooth or USB cable.

Source by Faith Hill