Popular Musical Instruments

Playing music is an art that not many people know. To the ones who do, it is a wonderful pastime. And not only a pastime, many prefer it to be their source of income too. When you talk about the most popular musical instrument, the piano comes first. You will find it in nearly every house in America. Today, different piano accessories like piano lights, piano benches and House of Troy lights are very common. They provide an improved appearance to the instrument and thus, the player enjoys playing it. After piano, there are many other instruments which are popular among the people. Few of them are as follows in descending popularity:

1. Guitar:

The classical guitar has its roots in Spain. The six-stringed instrument was derived by the Spanish. The guitar is played using a plectrum or finger-nails, with frets set into the fingerboard. Guitars are more common to the young generation. Today, there are many kinds of guitars. The two main types are electric and acoustic (hollow). Choosing one depends on what kind of music you like. For the ones who like rock, electric guitars are great, and for those who prefer classical music, a hollow guitar is best.

2. Violin:

The origin of violins goes all the way to the medieval times: Renaissance and early Barouque. There are four categories of this instrument; violins, violas, cellos, and double basses. Each of these has four strings attached in order of the pitch. Violin and viola are played with the instrument placed on the shoulder, with chin supporting it. Today, violins are very popular in orchestras.

3. Flute:

This instrument is around 40,000 or 35,000 years old. A common belief is that flutes originated in Europe. The oldest flute had three holes in it and was made from a mammoth’s tusk. Today, flutes are usually silver-plated. They are popular because they produce a soothing sound that pleases the soul and calms the mind.

4. Clarinet:

The clarinet was created 700 years ago somewhere between the Islamic and Asian countries. The sound it creates is quite similar to a saxophone. Introduced in Europe as folk instruments, clarinets are the 4th most popular musical instruments of the present. There are many different kinds of sounds that a clarinet can create. Plus, it belongs to the woodwind family and is usually played to create jazz music.

5. Cornet:

The cornet is a lot like a trumpet and a post horn. In earlier times, this instrument was used to signal the arrival of a royal prince or a mail wagon. This instrument differs from a trumpet in a few ways. It has a more conical bore with a more compact shape, and produces a mellower sound.

6. Harmonica:

This instrument is mainly used in American folk music. The instrument has multiple reeds inside it, and air is blown from the mouth to create sounds. The pressure you create from the air makes the reeds vibrate and produce a sound. Today, the harmonica is an instrument that is most common to young people, especially teens and pre teens.

Source by Connor R Sullivan