Sony ICF-CD815 AM-FM Stereo CD Clock Radio With Dual Alarm: A Definitive Review

CD players are kind of my thing, and I wanted to find a useful one that doesn’t just play my CDs. So when I found the Sony ICF-CD815 CD clock radio, I felt like my prayers were heard. It’s as useful a CD player and alarm clock as it can ever get.


The clock has a nice black top finish that’s mostly chip and wear resistant, and the white sides are nice to look at. For a device that’s more than just a CD player, the design of the ICF-CD815 is quite compact. You can place it on any tabletop, fit in any bedside table, and match with any kitchen counter. It has the dimensions 7.50″ x 3.66″ x 8.75″ and weighs 3.5 pounds, but it’s not really for travel so that’s quite acceptable.

It’s plain and simple as it is, which makes me want it more, because it doesn’t have so many features and functions that are somewhat unnecessary to incorporate in the device. It’s a plain alarm clock with a CD player, that’s that.


This clock has an excellent 1.4” LED display that’s completely visible even at a fair distance. You won’t have any problems looking at the time especially when you’ve just woken up and are still quite groggy. The big numbers will definitely register in your brain. You also have the option of setting the brightness of the display so it won’t come too dim or too bright for you.

The LCD displays a 12-hour time format, and it has a PM indicator so you won’t be confused whether its day or night. It also shows whether the alarms have been activated at the preset time so you have no worries of getting late for tomorrow’s important appointments.


Because it’s a CD player, Sony put in a good bargain for its sound. It’s integrated 57 mm, 0.7W + 0.7W stereo speakers at either side of the device make it a good music player. The buzzer alarm is also very audible, starting with a low volume and gradually becoming louder to really awaken you. But I like the feature that allows you to set either the radio or CD as an alarm sound. I use my favorite CD tracks for the two alarms. You can choose which track number you want to use as alarm, so it’s easy to set whichever alarm sound you want.

The radio isn’t as good, though. The reception may be fair enough, but analog tuning is quite inconvenient. That’s for me, however, because I’m not an analog person and I find turning the tuner from left to right just troublesome. And the hidden tuner doesn’t make it any easier.


As an alarm clock, I couldn’t ask for more from this device. The dual alarm lets you set two separate alarm settings for different schedules, and you can make sure that the alarms are on by looking at the display. The extendable snooze also allows you to sleep for ten minutes to an hour more so you won’t have to worry about being late.

Other Features

The clock comes with an audio line-in cable for MP3 player and other digital music player connectivity. You can use this to play your favorite songs on your MP3 if you don’t have a CD with those selections. One thing lacking from this clock radio, though, is the battery back-up which makes it hard to wake up on time during sudden power outages. But I don’t mind since there’s always a back-up cellphone to do that job.


If you’re looking for a cool CD playing alarm clock with excellent sound features and dual alarm settings, then the Sony ICF-CD815 CD clock radio is the perfect alarm clock for you. Why don’t you go ahead and try one? I recommend the device because I am fully satisfied with it myself.

Source by Jacob Akshire