Tips On What To Look For When Buying An Electric Guitar

There are many characteristics to be aware of when choosing an electric guitar.

First consideration is what kind of sound are you looking for and what type of music do you enjoy playing.

There are guitars specifically designed for most types of music.

Hard rockers want a specific sound and a specific kind of action (how the strings feel and operate on the fret board).

A Jazz guitarist might want a different action and a more natural or clear sound.

A country music player may want to use an instrument that has more of a twang.

A country player might want to also check out an electric steel guitar.

There are also electric acoustic guitars available for creating higher volume and still retaining the acoustic guitar sound. These guitars can also be played with out amplification.

How Much To Spend

Once you have decided what your needs are for the type of music you want to play, the next step is to decide how much your budget will allow. Guitars of all kinds including electric models are offered on the market at every price range.

It’s possible to buy a reasonably good sounding and playable guitar for under a hundred and fifty dollars. Ibanez makes many quality beginner level electric guitars that cost very little. If you were to buy used the price could be well under one hundred dollars.

If you are just beginning to learn to play, it might be reasonable to start with a less expensive model and graduate up in quality and price as your playing improves.

Guitars for the seasoned or professional player can cost thousands. Once again the Ibanez brand offers quality built guitars in both acoustic electric and electric guitars that range in price from under two hundred dollars up into over two thousand dollars.

How Much Can An Electric Guitar Cost

The premier models in the Gibson brand can cost far more and signature and rare individual electric guitars can cost well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and more.

For instance the 1949 Fender Broadcaster a prototype made by Fender is valued at $375,000.

A Gold Leaf Stratocaster owned by Eric Clapton is up in the $455,500 range.

A Beatles 1964 Gibson SG was offered at auction for $570,000.

Possibly the most expensive electric guitar ever sold was a Fender Stratocaster that was signed by many of the most famous rock music stars in the world today. This guitar was sold to benefit Asia tsunami victims for the huge price of $2.7 million dollars.

Test and Play Lots Of Guitars

When you are ready to buy an electric guitar and don’t have much experience it’s a good idea to go to your local guitar store and really investigate the possibilities. Talk to a knowledgeable sales person. Test out some guitars to get a feel for what you like. Choose a store with a large stock of guitar brands, so you can test out many different styles and types.

If you know what kind of music you really want to play, that will help narrow down your search for the right guitar.

As I mentioned earlier take a look at Ibanez for their quality at great prices. If you have a larger amount of money to spend you can consider a higher quality guitar that you can play indefinitely no matter how good a guitar player you become.

After you choose your guitar you’ll need to choose an amplifier. That’s the subject another article.

Source by Michael Chadd