What Can the iHM10P Do For You?

This amazing little gadget is one of the best ways to turn your mini personal stereo into a full-blown music system. As the docking station does not use headphones, you have the choice of what speaker system you use for your iPhone. You could even connect to a home theatre system if you wanted. Now you can share all the music collections you have built up with your friends and family.

What is great about the iHM10 is that it is compatible with MP3 players, which some of the earlier stations were not. Here are just some of the other features that I like:

1. It is marketed by iHome which is a part of the well known SDI group. This group initially launched for the specific purpose of marketing electronic gadgets solely for the iPod. They know the iPod better than most.

2. It has a very modern looking, clean line design. So it will look great anywhere. It is small enough to be unobtrusive yet looks really great on display.

3. It is compact enough to make it portable. Which is great for camping trips, outings to the park or even beach. You will be the most popular person at the party when you turn up with your own iPod iHM10P music system.

The audio cables that are built into this model will connect to any iPod or other audio device provided they have a phone jack.

The Mp3 or iPod controls are easy to access on the iHM10P, which is great as on some earlier stations it could be quite awkward unless you were very nimble fingered.

Caring For The New iPod Docking Station.

Like most other small electronic gadgets, it is not good to leave in direct sunlight, or somewhere that is too hot. This does not mean you cannot use your docking station outdoors, it just means that you need to give it some shade when it is outside. And common sense should prevail indoors, do not place on or beside your heating system.

To be on the safe side place your iHM10P station on a mat or a cloth if you are positioning it on a good piece of furniture, this will protect against any scratches.

When it comes to cleaning your new gadget use a gentle damp cloth, nothing abrasive, dip it in some tepid water and that will be fit for the job.

Source by Elton Henry