What to Look For When Renting an Instrument For School

Playing a musical instrument is a big commitment. It requires both time and money. Leasing an instrument is much less costly up front than purchasing one. It also provides time to try out the instrument before making such a big purchase. Overall, renting an instrument is a great idea for beginners.

Most people start a new instrument while they are young. Many school districts today have music programs, which include bands and orchestras. The children are allowed to choose an instrument to play and are instructed during the school day in its use. To participate in many cases, the student is required to provide the instrument. This is when renting is a good option. You can make sure the child likes playing it before making a bigger commitment.

When looking for retailers to rent an instrument from there are several key things to look for. First, find out what is included in the rental. Does the instrument come with a case? Do you need to purchase anything additional to play it such as a mouthpiece or reed? Is the instrument insured? Then find out what happens if a part breaks. Do they provide repairs? Are the repairs done on the premises? What are the vendor’s hours? What is the length of an average repair? Also find out when the instrument has to be returned and are there any late or damage fees. Finally, ask what would happen if the student wants to change instruments or stop playing this instrument before the lease terms run out.

A reputable store will include a case to store the instrument and tell you up front what is required in addition to play the instrument. They insure the instrument and will provide repairs if there are problems. It is a good idea to ask around about reputable stores and to check the school’s recommended list of vendors before renting. Ask about all fees up front and make sure they are in writing. You should also read the fine print on the rental agreement so you are not surprised by any unexpected fees. In addition, a reputable vendor will take the time to explain how to hold and properly care for the instrument.

Learning to play a musical instrument is a rewarding experience. Renting your first instrument will make sure it isn’t a costly one. By taking a few steps such as shopping around, asking questions and getting everything in writing, you will ensure a worry free transaction. In short, renting an instrument is a great way to start playing a musical instrument.

Source by Scott Russ